Report Shows That PS5 and Next Xbox Will Get Watch Dogs 3

1 29 - Report Shows That PS5 and Next Xbox Will Get Watch Dogs 3
Written by Mubarak H.
Report Shows That PS5 and Next Xbox Will Get Watch Dogs 3

Watch dogs 3 may be a PS5 and next Xbox dispatch title as per an ongoing report. According to a trademark recorded back in November that has been made open as of late. Found by YouTuber SculziTV, the Watch Dogs trademark might be an indication for a cutting edge amusement because of the way that it’s an all-new documenting and not associated with different past Watch Dogs trademarks. The new video flaunts the US trademark database with the “new application entered in TRAM” and was handled on December 3 with “provided information” included December 17. Despite the fact that the Watch Dogs trademark was recorded a year ago, it wasn’t accessible freely until a week ago.

This discovery by SculziTV via follows last year’s Watch Dogs 3 discovery through Ubisoft’s AI assistant, Sam. It’s the company’s take on Siri and Alexa. Sam was created to help players get through tougher sections of Ubisoft’s game. Like most AI assistants and chat bots, you type out questions to Sam which it answers.

Some Ubisoft fans decided to ask it about Watch Dogs 3. This was motivated by an April Fool’s joke from Ubisoft that saw its PC game client, Uplay, sport a theme inspired by DedSec, a faction in the Watch Dogs games.

The fact that the official Watch Dogs account tweeted and then deleted the phrase “This is Everything” which ties into the Watch Dogs marketing phase “Everything is Connected” further piqued fan interest.

Nonetheless, Sam’s reply to queries about Watch Dogs 3 reveal the game’s existence. When asked it said:

“Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!”

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