Falz– ‘Talk’ Wasn’t Meant To Spite Oga Muric

falz - Falz– ‘Talk’ Wasn’t Meant To Spite Oga Muric
Written by Ik Junior
falz 1 - Falz– ‘Talk’ Wasn’t Meant To Spite Oga Muric

Following the arrival of Falz’s fourth studio collection titled ‘Moral Instruction’, many have kept on scrutinizing the verses and ethics of ‘Talk’, one of the tunes off the collection, saying he recorded it to spite toward Nigerian-based human rights association, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

“I didn’t demonstrate hatred for anyone, I just said ‘Sibling Muri got done with yelling yet we didn’t see him in court’. So whoever needs to get it should get it. I just said ‘Muri’ and that could allude to anyone. ‘Talk’ is a tune that contains a ton of genuine messages that is conveyed in a light way, and that was what I was endeavoring to accomplish”, he said.

Talking further, he rubbished hypotheses that he might nurture a political aspiration like a portion of his associates, which is the reason he has been censuring terrible administration in his melodies and recordings.

“I have no expectation to keep running for a political office. I’ve been taking a stand in opposition to awful administration not on the grounds that I need to keep running for a political office later on but since I’m not happy with the condition of things in the nation. I don’t have to disclose to you who to vote in favor of, neither do you have to ask me who I’m going to vote in favor of. However, we as a whole know how our nation is being represented, what the economy has been similar to, what the nature of instruction has been similar to, how our clinics, streets, schools resemble. In this way, all these should fill in as a guide for Nigerians amid the decisions”, he expressed.

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