Uju Edochie: Why Cossy Ojiakor Will Make Heaven

Cossy 1 - Uju Edochie: Why Cossy Ojiakor Will Make Heaven
Written by Ik Junior
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Cossy Ojiakor implies numerous things to numerous individuals despite the fact that a considerable lot of those things are esteemed disagreeable. She’s a mobile sensation on two legs on the grounds that wherever she goes eyes pursue her.

While the men expand in wonderment at the craftsmanship of her rambling chest by God the ladies slobber in jealousy for all the consideration going her direction. To such a large number of she’s an image of wantonness, a corruption of sexuality and a wrongdoing to be sought from far off as opposed to close inspired by a paranoid fear of losing your spirit.

She has been called such a significant number of terrible names just by virtue of what Mother Nature has offered to her. Hardly any observe the positive qualities in this Nutty Queen the way a kindred on-screen character Uju Edochie has seen past people in general veneer of the lady she has depicted as a “decent lady”. In an ongoing Instagram post, on-screen character and maker, Uju Edochie was brimming with acclaim for Cossy, depicting her as great lady who is so valid and not bombastic.

“The fair truth about Queen of boobs, Cossy Ojiakor is that she is a decent woman with wonderful heart. She doesn’t realize how to imagine and would not have any desire to figure out how to imagine. Cossy Orjiakor isn’t shabby, she isn’t what larger part supposes she is nevertheless she couldn’t care less how you feel about her, she thinks about what satisfies her and that is the code.

This is New Year; individuals should mind their business and quit taking additional Panadol on another man’s cerebral pain. Try not to be shock that Cossy Queen of Boobs Orjiakor will go to paradise while those condemning her would mull in hellfire,” she said. Furthermore, she wasn’t the just a single to share the opinion, another on-screen character Rita Edochie likewise shared her musings on Cossy Ojiakor and it was similarly in the same class as Uju’s.

“May god-like continue favoring you the more @ujuedochie for saying reality regarding my young lady that minds her business @cossyojiakor ,” said Rita Edochie.

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