Harrysong: Stealing Pants For Ritual Seems Crazy

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Written by Ik Junior
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Touted as a standout amongst the most dubious Nigerian performer, Harrysong never neglects to grab each abundant chance to exposed his brain on touchy issues irritating him.

The ‘Reggae Blues’ crooner, who as of late recouped from enthusiastic injury, has communicated worry over the taking of female jeans for cash ceremonial purposes. As indicated by Harrysong, the demonstration which has turned out to be widespread as far back as news of its reality became famous online via web-based networking media has been a wellspring of worry for him, which is the reason he chosen to talk up on it.

While exhorting ritualists and yippee young men who are edgy to make speedy cash to discover elective, legitimate methods for profiting, he denounced the criminal demonstration, portraying it as ‘insane’.

“Something has been truly pestering me and I need to state it and clear my brain before discharging my melody. ‘Adventure’ is turning out tomorrow and I simply require the air honestly and new. It’s about hustle, it’s about realness and a ton is going on, this one is hustling this one, that one is hustling that one.

Presently its gasp, taking jeans is slanting all over. It’s insane! Please, hustle right. I’ve completed a great deal of hustle; I’ve been an angler, choir ace, distinctive hustles I have occupied with in light of the fact that I needed a superior life.

Taking all things together, simply do things right; land a position, find a hobby rather than this our squeezing here, squeezing there, taking individuals’ jeans.”

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