Magu express happiness since Senate Didn’t Confirm him

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Magu EFCC 1 - Magu express happiness since Senate Didn't Confirm him

Magu-The acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, said on Thursday that he was happy the Senate declined to affirm him as the substantive executive of the counter unite organization.

Magu said if the Senate had affirmed him, maybe he would not have possessed the capacity to execute as much as he had done.

The acting director said this before the Lagos State High Court in Ikeja where he was affirming in a slander suit he documented against The Sun Newspaper. Magu had sued distributers of the Sun Newspaper for a progression of productions which he depicted as slanderous and harmful to his character.

The EFCC manager who sued the distributers previously Justice Doris Okuwobi asserted N5bn harms and furthermore requested that The Sun Newspapers ought to distribute an expression of remorse and withdraw the supposed derogatory productions.

Magu, under questioning by the respondent’s guidance, Charles Enwelunta, said he was not stressed that he had been dismissed by the Senate twice.

He stated, “I have been dismissed by the Senate twice and it doesn’t stress me that I’m not affirmed; I’m not disturbed. It’s great that they didn’t affirm me, I will most likely be unable to work exceptionally well as we have possessed the capacity to get more than 700 feelings.”

He asserted under the steady gaze of the court that he had just a single house in the Karo zone of Abuja as against the distribution of The Sun Newspaper claiming that two houses were followed to his better half by the Department of State Services.

Magu rejected as false The Sun Newspaper’s distribution of March 25, 2017, titled ‘Magu under crisp test,’ which guaranteed that two houses situated in a highbrow region in Maitama, Abuja were followed to his significant other and that he was under watchful examination by the DSS.

He stated, “Since I went to the EFCC, no one has examined me. I am not under any test, the distribution is absolutely false. Regardless of whether I have the cash, I wouldn’t purchase houses in Maitama.

“My better half is a government employee. We just have one house sold to us in Karo, Abuja. The distribution is totally false.

“I need to reveal to you the harm it has done to me. It was not done to only me, it has gone down my heredity, the whole family, and it has done as such much off-base. It has done as such much harm.”

Equity Okuwobi suspended the issue till February 28, 2019 for further procedures.

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