Government Can Afford To Pay 100K Minimum Wage ; Says Tunde T Dot

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Written by Ik Junior

Tunde T Dot photo

Ex-Styl Plus team part, Tunde T Dot has responded to Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) and Governor of Zamfara state, Alhaji Abdul’aziz Yari’s remark of a scaling down of the workforce the nation over if the proposed N30,000 the lowest pay permitted by law would be paid. On the off chance that you missed that, READ HERE.

Tunde T Dot who responded to Alhaji Abdul’aziz Yari’s remark, said;

“The current N18,000 is as of now too low. To exacerbate the situation, laborers are not by any means paid consistently. At the point when nationals turn out to be so forceful, hurt one another, and endeavor suicide, it is a similar government that will arraign the general population for attempting to take their very own lives and those of others.

“For me, I think N100,000 is perfect the lowest pay permitted by law for laborers and I figure we can bear the cost of it since we have unrefined petroleum which, to me, is even a reward. In particular, we have enough human funding to make our country beneficial, create, and prosperous.”

This is coming after the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC ) responded to danger by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), to sack specialists if the new national the lowest pay permitted by law of N30,000 is actualized. Nonetheless, responding, Wabba said the risk to sack specialists was not new.

He stated,

“In this manner, the present one by the legislative leader of Zamfara can’t be utilized to threaten work. The outcomes of laborers conservation are excessively shocking for any political office holder really chosen by the general population to think about. Hardly any political office holders are keen on oppressing Nigerian specialists with peanuts mislabeled as compensations.

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